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Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow has been directed to implement policies that focus on the access control procedures for visitors. MCLB Barstow takes active measures to address unauthorized access to the base and the protection of forces, residents and civilian employees. These policies are intended to help Marines accomplish the mission and keep families aboard MCLB Barstow safe.

Visitors of the base must present their driver's license to the sentry at an installation access control point (gate) and identify who they are going to visit. The sentry will record the driver's name, license number, date and time of entry. The license is authenticated and an instant background check through open public sources is conducted. After favorable results, the visitor is allowed aboard the installation.

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Denial or revocation of any official base authorized access pass may be made if the individual:

  • Is listed on the National Terrorist Watch List.
  • Is not a U.S. Citizen and is illegally present in the U.S. or whose U.S. citizenship, immigration status, or social security number cannot be verified.
  • Is subject to an outstanding criminal warrant of any type.
  • Whose business pass application contains false or fraudulent information.
  • Has a felony conviction within the last 10 years.
  • Is a registered sex offender regardless of the date of the criminal offense.
  • Has obtained a felony conviction for the following types of criminal offenses:
    • Offenses of a sexual nature.
    • Offenses of violence.
    • Offenses related to gang activity, supremacist, or extremist behavior.
    • Crimes resulting from the possession, use, manufacture, introduction, or distribution of
      any illegal drug listed in the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Act of 1970, schedules I through V.
    • Offenses in which weapon instrumentality (e.g., firearm, knife or other bladed instrument, club, brass knuckles was used either as a means of violence, or a threat of violence.
  • Whose military active duty was terminated by the receipt of a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge.
  • Has been issued a de-barment order and is currently banned from military installations.
  • Has exhibited characteristics, traits or other indications that cause concern for the health, safety or welfare of personnel and/or residents aboard the base; or that cause concern for the physical security or environment of the base.

What do I need for my vehicle to access base? Decals are issued to military personnel and their authorized family members, DoD government employees, as well as Common Access Cards (CAC) for authorized civilian contractors. All vehicles are subject to installation rules and regulations. Visitors must provide current liability insurance, current registration and proof of valid driver's license. Who can I contact if I have more questions? Contact the Base Access Control Branch at (760) 577-6858


To enable operational readiness through infrastructure, logistics and services in order to support Marine Corps, Army, and other government components.


Leveraging competitive advantage while continuing to grow cooperative alliances.

  • Teamwork
  • Responsiveness
  • Continuous Improvement

The Base Safety Office oversees the safety of all personnel who live or work at MCLB Barstow. It also reduces operational costs by minimizing mishaps and lost time injuries through training, identification and elimination of unsafe and hazardous conditions. Base Safety provides installation core safety services through; dedicated safety support to 34 base and tenant activities, safety oversight of 47 safety related programs, and by conducting over 70 safety and occupational health inspections annually.

To establish the S-6 Communications Department as a highly reputable, professionally talented, reliable service oriented organization at the forefront of customer needs. Servicing the best customers in the world, and providing uninterruptible services three hundred sixty-five (365) days a year including holidays, is what we are expected to provide. Whether it's a simple client pc error the customer is experiencing, or the loss of essential telecommunications capabilities because of an unpredictable natural disaster; the Communications Department will quickly and efficiently resolve the issue. Our Vision

The role of the S-6 is to promote and establish a lean, environmentally sound, communications infrastructure aboard base MCLB Barstow. Reducing the overall paperwork burden through the use of strategic methodologies; eliminating fraud, waste, and mismanagement of USMC communications resources; accounting for all Information Technology Assets and repurposing excess equipment; establishing clear and concise business rules consistent with the HQ USMC C4 CIO strategy; and enabling the workforce and tenants of MCLB Barstow to operate most efficiently through the use of network resources. We are committed to taking full ownership of our network, and will assume full responsibility for the timely resolution of all IT and Voice related customer issues. We will align our vision and strategy with the MCLB Barstow Command Philosophy in order to achieve command stated goals. We stand ready, harmoniously anticipating customer needs, without compromising Marine Corps Enterprise Network compliance.

Headquarters Battalion Headquarters Battalion provides administrative, training and logistical guidance in support of Marines and Sailors assigned to the base. Headquarters Battalion also manages all training areas on the base. The battalion commander serves as the commanding officer of all troops aboard the base.

Command Inspector General's mission statement Eyes and ears of the Base Commander - to promote Marine Corps combat readiness, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and credibility through impartial and independent inspections, assessments, inquiries, investigations, and teaching and training.

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