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Barstow Government

This section of the website shares information that is useful to current and/or future local business owners in Barstow. Information has been aggregated and conveniently categorized to encourage development of our local economy. The navigation menu to the left will direct you to more detailed information.

This section of the website shares information that is useful to current and/or future local business owners in Barstow. Information has been aggregated and conveniently categorized to encourage development of our local economy. The navigation menu to the left will direct you to more detailed information or please contact:

Brad Merrell
Consulting City Engineer
(760) 255-5109

The City Council is the governing body of the City of Barstow. It is responsible for the formulation of city policies, enacting laws and ordinances, and deciding other issues impacting the city and the community. The council provides direction to the city under the leadership of the city manager to help the city develop and implement city programs and activities for the overall growth and benefit of the city. The City Council acts as a liaison between the community and the city staff and is also responsible as elected officials for community outreach.

The Barstow City Council consists of five members including four Council members and a Mayor. All members are elected from the city at-large and must be residents of the city at the time of their election or appointment. Members of the Barstow City Council must be qualified electors of the city.

The term of each member of the City Council is four years and commences on the first Monday of December of the year of the election and continues until a successor qualifies.

VISION STATEMENT (Developed May 24, 2005, adopted August 1, 2005)
The City of Barstow: A progressive High Desert community with small-town advantages that preserves and promotes a quality environment in which to live, work and play.

MISSION STATEMENT (Developed June 15, 2005, adopted August 1, 2005)
The City of Barstow is dedicated to:

  • Providing quality public services
  • Promoting economical development
  • Expanding housing, education and recreation
  • Celebrating our diverse cultural history
  • Creating pride in our community

Nikki M. Salas brings an extensive and diverse background as City Manager to the City of Barstow. She possesses a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership where her career has included a variety of positions in the areas of Human Resources, Information Technology, and Risk Management, as well as recently serving in the capacity of Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Apple Valley, and Director of Human Resources for Napa County.

Ms. Salas served as Senior Human Resources Analyst for the County of Riverside, as well as Assistant Human Resources Division Manager for the San Bernardino County Fire – Special Districts Department.

As Assistant Town Manager for Apple Valley, Ms. Salas oversaw multiple departments, which included Human Resources, Risk Management, Information Technology, Emergency Services, Facilities, and Park & Recreation. Her additional responsibilities included creation and administration of the town's Public Access Channel as well as the Apple Valley Watch Public Safety Mobile Applications program.

As Director of Human Resources for Napa County, Ms. Salas in her executive leadership position reported directly to the County Executive Officer. She oversaw operations of 1500 employees and led a team of 15 Human Resources professionals providing a full scope of HR support to the County of Napa and its ancillary special districts.

Instrumental in providing strategic planning, organizational development and guidance to numerous county departments, Ms. Salas led efforts to fill numerous department head positions while reorganizing departmental staffing to improve overall operational efficiency.

Ms. Salas has the distinction of being the 2015 CJPIA Capstone Award Winner for Excellence in Risk Management as well as membership in the Inland Empire Personnel Management Association, California Public Employers Labor Relations Association, and the Society of Human Resources Management.

Services Code Compliance Provides to the Community

Code Compliance is tasked with making sure residents and businesses are complying with the municipal code. The Code Compliance division of the Community and Economic Development Department routinely handles code violations within city limits like abandoned vehicles, trash on property or illegal dumping not in process, excessive weeds, fence and external building maintenance, unsecured abandoned property, unsecured refrigerators, untreated swimming pools, sign maintenance, and business licensing. Code Compliance also enforces the city's water conservation ordinance, which bans watering at certain times of day during the hottest months of the year. For concerns with any of these types of issues, residents or businesses should call code enforcement at (760) 255-5190.

To assist us with better serving you, if the property's residence is located in the …

East Barstow Area: Contact Officer Willbond at (760) 255-5190
West Barstow Area: Contact Officer Willbond at (760) 255-5190
South of the Interstate 15: Contact Officer Frank at (760) 255-5155

To determine whether your residence is within the City of Barstow jurisdiction...

City Limits property address shall be four digits and under. Example: 1234 Main Street ~ Is within the Barstow City Limits
County Limits property address shall be five digits. Example: 12345 Main Street ~ Is County Limits
If your residence resides under County jurisdiction, please call 909-884-4056 opt 3 for information.

Days and Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Contact Information
Mary Willbond
Code Compliance Supervisor
(760) 255-5190

County Code Enforcement luscustomerservice@lus.sbcounty.gov (760) 995-8140

Services Not Provided by the City's Code Compliance

The City of Barstow's Code Compliance staff receives a plethora of calls on issues in which they simply do not have the authority or resources to help the resident or business. Although many of the requests for help are valid, city staff must redirect them to the relevant agency so they can get the help they need. In an effort to reduce the numbers of calls a resident or business must make to receive the help they need with the least amount of run around, we have put together the following resource list for commonly requested services not covered by code enforcement:

Crimes in progress should be reported to the police dispatcher at (760) 256-2211. Life threatening emergencies should be reported to 9-1-1. Illegal dumping occurring within city limits should be reported by calling the police dispatcher (760) 256-2211. Illegal dumping in progress will be referred to a police officer; illegal dumping not in progress will be referred to Code Compliance.

Vermin such as bugs, rats, bees, etc. — Refer to the yellow pages for pest control.The Barstow Fire Protection District (BFPD) has had some success with swarming bees and they may provide assistance if there is an immediate public safety issue. BFPD can be reached at (760) 256-2254. Vermin issues in and around restaurants should be referred to the Health Department at (760) 256-4736. All bug infestations (i.e. roaches/bed bugs/mosquitos) and polluted pool case call Vector Control at (800) 442-2283.

Dangerous animal threatening public safety (bobcats and mountain lions are presumed dangerous ) — Call 9-1-1. Other animal issues call the Humane Society at (760) 252-4800, Office Hours Tuesday thru Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Any problem between a landlord and a tenant, such as issues about rent, repair and maintenance of property, etc. — Call the City's Building Division at (760) 255-5161

Mobile Home Parks — The City of Barstow has no authority. Please contact State Housing Community Development at (951) 782-4420.

Building structural issues, walls falling over, roof caving in, electrical malfunction, etc. — Call the City's Building Division at (760) 255-5161.

Code Compliance issues outside the city limits — Call San Bernardino County Code Enforcement at (800) 722-3181/ (909) 884-4056 Opt 3.

Health related problems with food handlers, restaurants, public access swimming pools such as motels and apartment complexes — Call the San Bernardino County Environment Health Department at (800) 442-2283.

Problems with city streets, parks and facilities, (including the Sportspark and Harvey House) — Call the City Corporation Yard at (760) 255-5140.

Sewer system overflows which occur during normal business hours should be directed to the Industrial Pre-treatment Inspector at (760) 252-3543. If you spot a sewer manhole overflow after normal business hours, call the Barstow Police Department dispatch at (760) 256-2211.


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